Statement from Perry Aasness on Dayton Administration’s property tax relief proposal for Minnesota farmers

Farmers have faced rising property taxes in Minnesota; new proposal would help provide relief

Saint Paul – The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council Executive Director Perry Aasness released the following statement today, in response to the Dayton Administration’s property tax relief proposal for Minnesota farmers:

“Over the past several months, in preparation for this legislative session, AgriGrowth has met with legislative leaders and leadership from the Dayton administration, and we’ve shared the views and stories of farmers and agribusinesses around the state, about the urgent need for real property tax relief. We are appreciative that Governor Dayton and Lieutenant Governor Smith heard this message and we think the proposal they have put forward this week will go a long way in responding to the challenges facing farmers in our state.

“Governor Dayton’s proposal goes beyond property tax relief and includes aid payments for farmers who participate in the water quality buffer strip program. This additional relief is welcome, and we hope to see continued clarity from the Administration and the legislature on the buffer strip program.

“This early commitment from the Dayton Administration, and our conversations with legislative leaders, give us optimism that we will see meaningful property tax relief and reform for farmers and other agribusinesses this session.”


The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan member organization representing the agriculture and food systems industry.  Formed in 1968, AgriGrowth’s strategic approach to public policy advocacy, issues management and collaboration seeks to foster long-term sustainability, competitiveness, and business growth.

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