AgriGrowth launches groundbreaking talent system that connects employers and candidates using cutting-edge recruiting technology

Saint Paul – The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council has partnered with RealTime Talent to launch the AgriGrowth Job Exchange, a cutting-edge matching technology that will transform the candidate recruitment process and streamline how employers and candidates connect with each other during the job/internship search process. Beginning with the end in mind, the Exchange moves questions about interests, preferences, desired work place environments and priority needs to the beginning of the process, reducing hiring bias and mismatches between job seekers and employers.

The Exchange is a first of its kind technology solution that matches optimal candidates to jobs or internships, which will reduce potential turnover and overall hiring costs, and bring a new efficiency to finding and hiring employees. The sophisticated matching algorithms connect employers to candidates based on skills, interests and requirements. Using correlated question-sets directed to both employers and candidates, the platform systematically aligns talent with opportunity and makes accessing the resume a secondary part of the process. The AgriGrowth Job Exchange ensures that employers are connected to the most qualified applicants while candidates get matched to opportunities that best fit their unique profiles.

“Locating and hiring quality talent is a significant challenge for many AgriGrowth members and others involved in Minnesota’s agriculture and food sector. Our core mission is to create and sustain a positive business climate for agriculture and food-system businesses in Minnesota,” said Perry Aasness, Executive Director of AgriGrowth. “Having the opportunity to offer this unique technology along with a centralized entry point for posting jobs in the agriculture and food sector is a logical and beneficial role for AgriGrowth to play in promoting the state’s economic growth.”

The Exchange expertly collects and reports on meaningful data analytics regarding employers’ needs, candidates’ career interests, and how they align with real-time market needs and trends. As a job exchange host, AgriGrowth will have access to those reports to better represent the agriculture and food industry in addressing the priority issue of talent attraction.

“We are pleased to provide a resource to our stakeholders that makes the hiring process more efficient and provides a better outcomes for both employers and candidates,” said Aasness. “While new to Minnesota, this proven system is already in use by thousands of employers and tens of thousands of candidates across the country, and is growing rapidly. The Job Exchange, which is powered by the WorkFountain platform, maximizes employers’ ability to reach a large and diverse candidate pool while ensuring equal access to opportunities for all candidates.”

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