Statement from Perry Aasness on the February state budget and economic forecast 

Saint Paul – The state budget and economic forecast released today shows a budget surplus of $1.65 billion in Minnesota. Below is a statement from the Minnesota AgriGrowth Council’s executive director, Perry Aasness, on the news of the budget surplus:

“Today’s budget forecast showing a $1.65 billion surplus is more good news for Minnesotans. There are a number of unmet needs in the agriculture and agribusiness communities, especially in Greater Minnesota, and now we know that the state has the resources available to address the most pressing needs this legislative session.

“We urge the legislature and Governor Dayton to work together on a plan for investing in the state’s road and bridge system, including long-term investments that provide targeted and sustained funding that relies on a combination of several funding streams including general fund spending. In addition, we believe these surplus dollars will help keep the promise from the legislature and the Governor to provide much needed tax relief in agricultural and agribusiness property taxes, which will in turn help our state economy to grow.

“Long-term, sustainable transportation investments and tax relief to promote business competitiveness are two of the top priorities of the agriculture and agribusiness communities in Minnesota; we ask the legislature and Governor to invest the state’s surplus in these two priorities, so that we can improve competitiveness, create jobs and foster economic growth across the state.”


The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan member organization representing the agriculture and food systems industry. Formed in 1968, AgriGrowth’s strategic approach to public policy advocacy, issues management and collaboration seeks to foster long-term sustainability, competitiveness, and business growth.

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